Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Survivor: Sibiling Style

Years ago, when my friend Chrissy and I were young, little just-married things, we just prayed together one night that God would bless our families. That we would have children who would love each other and grow to be close. It was kind of an off-handed, naive prayer, after all, neither of us even had children or had any kind of concept of the play-date and switching child magic that you learn when you grow a toddler.

Well, He was in the midst of the two of us as we came together in his name that night... because here's what happened, unorchestrated by human timing.

Kami was born
Lauren was born 6 weeks later.

Lindsey was born
Ellie was born 3 months later.

Seth was born
Luke was born 8 months later.

They are truly our psuedo family. As Lindsey said tonight, "it's like you're our cousins or even... our brothers and sisters! That's how it feels when we're with you." Compliment taken.

The kids always have fun when they get together, but tonight will go down in the favorite memories file, I think. As I fixed dinner, Kami and Lauren thought up a big sister challenge, a la Survivor (notice that neither Kami or Lauren get wet anywhere in this challenge.) I was inside, focusing on grilled cheeses, when I heard this loud and happy screeching. And here's what I found:

Yes, what you see is Lindsey and Ellie willingly letting their little brothers drench them with water. It was all part of a challenge to see which brother and sister team could get one person clean, dressed and ready first.

Step 1: Get hair wet with freezing cold water from the hose.

Step 2: Wash hair.

Step 3: Get dressed behind makeshift towel curtains. Thank goodness we live in a cul-de-sac. Step 4: Brush Hair. (or make an attempt to brush the hose-washed unconditioned mess).

Now, switch! It's the boys' turn. They thought it was great fun.

Challenge completed + Bonus for mom: No baths tonight!

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