Friday, July 04, 2008

Do I Make You Proud?

Does anyone remember Taylor Hicks? No, not Taylor Swift, the cute blonde who the girls listen to constantly, but Taylor Hicks, the guy with the gray hair and funny dance moves who won American Idol a few seasons ago? Well, I happen to love one song he sings.... actually I think he sang it the night he won the competition. It is called "Do I Make You Proud?" and as I sing it in my head you should be thanking your lucky stars I haven't figured out how to post voice recordings on this blog o' mine. But it's very catchy and powerful and, well, it is kind of the theme of this July 4th blog posting. Ready? Sing along now...
Proud, proud, proud and thankful to live here in America.
Who could not be proud of a granny like this? It cracks me up when my kids tell others about her. It's like they're bragging.... I've got a grandma I... she's 97 years old!!!! (emphasis on 97). And Blake sure is proud to be sleeping under that quilt tonight.
We were all very proud of Lauren as she jumped off the diving board tonight!!!
We are proud to have a new coach on staff and Luke is way proud of Coach K's daughter, Khloe. (if you know what I mean).

We are proud to have such an awesome family. The whole family is proud of our newest member, Jace. And look at Grandpa Rex's face. Ain't he proud.
Luke is a lego king right now. He is very proud of building a lego helicopter "all by myself" at Granny's house today. Lauren was his personal assistant.

And folks, I am proud of myself today. I for the first time in my life (why am i such a slooooooow learner?) captured some decent nighttime shots. I've taken years of fireworks pictures that look like a wimpy sparkler went off in the sky. But with 5 minutes left in the firework show, it came to me like I'd been struck by lightning or hit by an exploding firework. I (kind of) figured it out. And this picture of the moon? I can't believe I got it. I am proud. I'd like to end this post with something about how mostly proud of everyone else I am, but tonight, my friends, I'm going to go to bed feeling proud of one special lady. Me. :)

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Tracey said...

AWESOME firework shots!!!! Much better than mine! You really should tell me how you did it!!!!

Cute shots of the kids as well!