Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where in the World Are Kami, Ellie and Luke?

Could this tiny little place with not a stoplight to speak of be any more peaceful and beautiful?

I felt like I was in a snowglobe with no snow, lots of raw dirt, and a big dome of sky that never ended. Kerry sees this scene everyday, but it is fabulous to me. Gritty, fresh and nostalgic.

Look like they were made to go together! Though the pic looks like they are lovebirds, they really just like pickin' corn in the fields together. This is the end of one of those enormous 110 foot long blades that help harness the power of wind on the wind farms. More pics of the windfarms later.

To Ellie, this was heaven. Ridin' horses first thing in the morning with a real rodeo star and a free lasso. Yahoo.
Larry could have been my favorite part of the trip. I really want a Bassett Hound. He couldn't look more pitiful.
Getting ready to fly with Rodney the pilot who kindly extended his long day for us.
Rodney's plane.Where in the world are we?
Thomas, Oklahoma!!!

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Anonymous said...

hi ann(i)e...i don't have your email address, but one time it seems i remember reading a post about a website where you post something you want to "get rid of" and others can post things they "want to acquire"...and i can't find it. i didn't want to stalk your blog, but i would love to know the web address. also, we are thinking about sending anna to kanakuk next year, thanks for all the posts about it! many blessings!