Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Luke

The boy is on a roll.

Remember in August when he stepped on a red ant hill on our trip to the bat cave? The ants crawled up his legs and bit him a couple times?

Then a couple weeks later, he was stung 5 times on the 2nd day of school by yellow jackets?

There seems to be something about the stinging, biting, sticking thing that has a strange attraction to him.... (but things happen in threes, they say, so this pattern is OVER!)

....we couldn't escape October without another incident. Tonight at soccer practice, he fell down (he does a lot of flipping and rolling on the ground) and he fell directly into a thick sticker burr patch. Luckily, Tom was at practice and ran right over to him where he was wailing on the ground. There were more than 15 sticker burrs jabbed into one hand and 5-7 on the other, (according to Tom who seriously NEVER exaggerates) and his shorts and socks were totally covered. Tom just stripped him out of his clothes right there while he cried pitifully. The sticker burrs were stuck in his skin all over, and when he pulled them out, many of the stickers just broke off and left a sticker in his skin that we had to extract later. Talk about miserable. Those things hurt and toughness was not exactly his theme tonight. He reeled over the disturbing incident for several hours. It even wore Tom out -he went to bed early.... and here I am blogging about it! I guess sleep is his therapy, while blogging is mine!

The poor kid ranked the pain of his 3 incidents for us. In order from least painful to most painful...

1) ant bites
2) sticker burrs

One more Luke note:

On Tuesday, he came home and said he'd had a "rough day" at school. Only one out of five on his behavior chart, and by the way, Mom, I got one for pushing a friend out of line "because he was cutting in front of Ethan. I just had to make it right." Ok, pushing is not good, but at least it was not hitting or biting, and like a tiny superhero, he was righting the wrongs of the world.

So, on Wednesday, I picked him up from school and asked the teacher if today was a better day, since Luke had told me himself (so proud of him) about the day before and how it was not his best day ever.

Completely serious, she reported, "Oh yes, it was a much better day today. Luke did not body slam anyone today." So, I guess he didn't exactly tell me the entire truth about his little heroic episode yesterday. Apparently, he was the villain!

You moms of boys have to forgive me... I'm sure this stuff is old news to you.... but with my 2 oldest being girls, every day is a shocking and thrilling adventure. However, I wouldn't have it any other way!!! We are blessed beyond measure with this rough and tumble little boy.

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DeeBee said...

It's more like.. Poor Luke. When we lived in Texas we had to deal with those stickers and the fire ants everytime we were at a park or went to soccer practice. Since we have lived here in Oklahoma, we run through the grass without incident. Although we've seen the sticker burrs in Bixby and it brings back bad memories of life in West Texas. I know how much they hurt and I feel bad for your little guy.

georgie said...

awwwww he has had a rough go of it...

I have one boy that equals 10 boys the things they can get into! ;-)
Like you i wouldn't have it any other way

Happy halloween

Katy said...

Hi Annie ~ Thank you so much for stopping by Treasured Chapters! And thanks for your kind words and prayers. Jennie was actually my sister-in-law, but I was so blessed to have become so close to her over the last two years. I suppose I ended my post that way because her last words to me were "You're my sister." Certainly a moment I will treasure until I see her again one day!

I have two boys (sandwiched between 2 girls). There's never a dull--or quiet--moment, is there? Those stickers sure sound painful. Poor guy!

Michelle said...

I so understand the whole boy thing, and how different they are from us. Hopefully he will stay out of trouble for awhile now! lol
Happy Halloween

Amber said...

wow, he's had a time with bites and sticks hasnt he?? I hope that his luck with that stuff has stopped!!! I have 2 girls, so I wouldnt know about the boy thing, but I really think my girls could give a boy's behavior a run for its money anyday! HEHEHE

Dawn said...

I just have girls so I don't get the boy thing on a daily basis. But, I've taught kdg. and first grades so I do know about boys! LOL

I'm glad he's okay. I think he probably handled all those things better than I would have. :)

Baloney said...

Wow. He's an accident waiting to happen! I have one of those here. I actually AM one of those. Ha.
Boys are a different breed. Brace yourself!

4 Lettre Words said...

Poor little fellow!

I'm hoping my Luke isn't like that b/c Sam already takes a beating for sure! We've had some really crazy stuff happen.

Have a blessed Sunday, my friend!

Anonymous said...

all i can say is, 'POOR BABY!'...i'm thinkin' we need to lay hands on that boy and pray hard...poor thing. and even though they are boys and boyish and wild and crazy and sorta alien-like...don't you just adore him in such a way that is pretty indescribable?...i'm so glad God blessed us both with one boy!

(your friend who'd doesn't give a hoot about the clipboard...just be.)