Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's Goin' on 'Round Here

The play is finally over.

But I don't say that in a thank-God-we-are-done-with-that-miserable-activity kind of way.....more of a it-was-a-fantastic-experience-but-I'm-ready-for-a-little-break kind of way.

Here is a nice shot of the girls before their final performance.... and for those of you who are horrified that we would allow our precious, innocent daughter to be painted up like a scary ghost with (gasp!) blood dripping out the side of her mouth and down her neck, I must tell you ....
she made new friends, and she developed confidence in getting up with those new friends in front of an audience.
she spent LOTS of time with Mom and sis... it was fun to do something with both the girls together... because they are usually going their separate ways....
... and she enjoyed the satisfaction of bringing a story to life for friends, family and even strangers. She told me that when she came out to do her curtain call, (a simple bow at the center of the stage), that her "heart springs up with joy." - her exact words (A BIG THANK YOU for those who were able to come out to the play - it meant A LOT to have you there!!!!)
Kami made friends too. She has more of a quiet personality than Elle Belle, but made a good friend in Maggie, pictured above. She also enjoyed all of the above benefits.

One more cool thing... when we were reading Caddie Woodlawn last night before bed, they were both making all these connections to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Never did I think that being in this play would be an educational experience!!

Am I crazy enough to let them try out for another play???? More on that later.

In other news.....
Granny got a new dog. Remember, she's 97. And she adopted a new puppy. She named him Freddy Ray because he was born on Uncle Fred's birthday. Yes, the whole family had to remind me that even the DOG is named Ray and I am not. Kami has her children's named planned out already: Hallie Rae, Hank Ray and Hope Rae. She said that every one of them will have Rae/Ray in their names. She sees the importance of it. She doesn't want her children to endure the pain I have endured. ;-) Anyhoo, this is a picture of Kami Rae and Freddy Rae, both smiling (and I see a little smirk of satisfaction in there too.... all the Rays have it!)
Finally, I have to share with you more about Luke. I could blog about the kid day in and day out, but I'm sure that would be a little too much about poop and toots and such for you.

He is going to be Indiana Jones for Halloween, but he's started early. He pretty much IS already Indiana Jones. In fact, Tom and I went in to check on him a couple nights ago... and found him sound asleep ... looking like THIS. My heart melteth.

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Anonymous said...

all so very cute! go granny go!...also thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog...oh to be more like you...poised, observant, mindful, thoughtful, naturally beautiful, classy...those are things that i've always thought about you. blessings!

Valerie said...

First off, thanks for the reminder of one of my absolute favorite books growing up -- Caddie Woodlawn! Also, I just wanted to "de-lurk" and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I go to FBC Tulsa and met you there (you might have known me as Henry's mom), but actually we know each other from ages and ages ago at Nogales Ave. Baptist! In fact, I love all the pics of your Granny because I have a couple of pics of from when I was in the nursery and your granny helped to take care of me. And your mom, too. Anyway, just wanted to let you know all of that...;)
Valerie (Norman)

Dawn said...

Their costumes were amazing!! Whoever did her make-up did an incredible job. I think it is really neat that you let them do the play. And, since it was a positive experience I can see why you'd be happy to let them do another one.

The picture of your son as Indiana Jones is precious!!

How sweet that your daughter has already planned to name her kids with the middle name Ray/Rae.

Audra Krell said...

As mom to three boys, Luke just stole the show for me. So precious! And yes, yes, yes, let them try out for more plays! I love all the benefits that came out of their experiences, and they look fantastic too!

DeeBee said...

Kids love costumes and even if it's gory, they are happy and having a good time. What's wrong with harmless fun? Nothing! I think they were lucky to be involved in that production.