Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tag, You're It!

Steff @ Okie River Mama tagged me and I am going to try it. The instructions say to list 7 weird/random things about your self. Here goes.

1) You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but one of my legs is longer than the other. Like, significantly longer. I had surgery in 8th grade to correct the problem (they cut the growth line in my knee - leaving me with two 6" scars - ) and it worked to some extent. But I still had boys in high school calling me Eileen.

2) My relatives 12 generations ago came to America on the Mayflower. Being a lover of American history and early Puritanical literature (Anne Bradford - you're the best), this is a fact that I dig about myself. I pick up every book that I can about that era. My sister kind of teases me for being so "into" my (OUR!!!) heritage.

3) I often involuntarily read words backwards. Einna Sniknah is just one of the many words I know. Along with Amohalko, Tixe, and my current favorite Rebotco.

4) Something that is freaky to me.... as a teacher for 16 years, I may forget a name or even an face, but what I have stored in my memory is people's handwriting. In fact, this year, I was helping with Back to School, and a lady came through the line. I didn't recognize her at ALL, but after she left, I looked at what she wrote and realized that she was the person that Tom and I bought our starter house from 12 years ago!

5) I am cool with spiders and snakes for the most part. But give me an elevator and I start sweating. I blame it on my dad who pushed the "EMERGENCY - FIRE" (YCNEGREME - ERIF) button on the elevator leaving the dentist office when I was, maybe, 6 years old. We were stuck on the elevator for a LONG time. I still ride elevators (I don't like to let any fear control me), but it is a struggle.

6) I was a slob in college. I don't know how my roomates put up with me. (Not to mention in high school - I think my mom almost killed me.) But something happened right after college and I am on the other end of the spectrum now. Not a clean freak, but I do NOT like my house messy.

7) If there would be one food and drink I would have to choose to eat/drink for the rest of my life, it would be SOUP and TEA (what I would really like to say is CUPCAKES and PEPSI).

***BONUS) Sorry, just thought of one more! The first time I danced with Tom (at a teacher's get together at the Caravan - LOL!!!!), I went to bathroom and had my one and only "premonition".... - maybe it was just a feeling, but I'm telling you it hit me like a ton of bricks - the feeling was that THIS was the man I was going to marry. Of course it all flew out the window when we later got de-engaged (another story!), but in the long run, the "feeling" was RIGHT ON!

So, who to tag?

I'll try these people:
Michelle @ Froggy Bottom Blog
Rena @ Insert Grace Here
Chere @ The Sammons' Zoo
Nadra @ Conner... Party of Four
Fuschia @ Living in the Land of Pink
Georgie @ Decisionally Challenged
Baloney @ That's Baloney

16 Wonderful Responses:

Baloney said...

I'll see what I can come up with...

Chere' said...

I had a go at it..kind of fun! Thanks for inviting me to share...I feel honored! :)

Fuschia said...

Thanks for the tag!

Rena Gunther said...

OH MY GOSH, Annie, you totally ROCK the weird and random things...

I mean that in the nicest sort of way! ;)

Great information!

We'll see if I can keep you awake with mine....

I'll send a line when I get it posted...

Rena said...

I just found you in "Living in the Land of Pink." I love, love your blog! My husband and I both played college bball. He still coaches my boys' rec leagues and is hoping our daughter, who is showing big signs of "princess interests," comes around and wants to bounce the orange ball as well at some point (we will be fine if not, but bball is the heart of this family). Being married to it full time can be challenging I know (we are not, my husband is a business man), but can tell your support of your husband and team is blessing lives. Cant get better than that.

Blessings, and I will be back,

Baloney said...

Ok, I scrolled through my old blogs and did this before --- so I'm cheating. Here is the link:

By the way, I know Debi H. from your college days and apparently will need to drag you to some KKG alum events. :)

4 Lettre Words said...

My food and drink would be Krispy Kreme donuts and Coke!! (I'm such a nealth-nut!)

Great list, and I really love your "bonus"! :o)

Rena Gunther said...'s up! You can read my PROFOUND information! Oh get ready to be awed! ;)


Audra Krell said...

I love the BONUS! Your premonition is so beautiful. I'm so glat it all worked out in the end! : )

Michelle said...

I posted mine. Thanks for the tag! said...

I completely identify with forgetting names (am teacher as well - home right now). This was a really funny post.


Michelle said...

I am glad you liked what I wrote on my tag.

Your response was interesting to reading words backwards... try 'racecar'. :)

Anonymous said...

k...i have to know who are your Mayflower people? you are the only other person I have ever "met" who has one from then....
Mine is Sir Edward Fuller

Annie said...

Hey Steff - Well, we're not related after all... mine are John and Priscilla Alden!

(John - a sailor who converted and Priscilla - a young daughter of a Pilgrim)

Amber said...

So um, can you tell me how to get out of being a slob, and on to being more neat?? LOL

Anonymous said...

ha! I just read your list and when I read number five I ready "give me an elevator and I start SWEARING" (instead of sweating). Anyway - that conjured up a pretty funn picture of a tourette's type moment anytime u got on an elevator. You should try that instead of sweating. It would be much more offensive.

I too was a slob in college, but I did manage to get a room mate that was so much slobbier than me that we did actually put a line of tape down the middle of the room. True story.

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