Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kanakuk Family Kamp - Day 1

We just returned from Kanakuk Family Kamp, otherwise known as K-Kauai.

When we enrolled a few months ago, my husband was quite skeptical.
You go to camp WITH your kids????
You eat IN the dining hall?
You DON'T have a TV or phone in your room?
You listen to a speaker EVERY DAY?
But there IS air-conditioning?

He agreed to try it. One time, he said.

I am not going to give you his final opinion about this camp until the end of my posts.
I will show you day by day exactly what we did and how each of our days went.

We arrived at K-Kauai last Sunday. It was about 5 PM. This was Day 1. I was so overwhelmed at the prospect of family camp that I totally forgot to take any pictures until we arrived at the evening activity. Gasp! Can you believe that I forgot to take pictures?

Anyway, here are a handful of pictures of what they called "Tropical Follies," kind of a variety show put on at one of the pools, Hana Bay. It was a fun way to begin the week. The kids swam afterward and competed in silly competitions, such as "smallest splash" and "craziest dive." We had no idea what the rest of the week would bring!

3 Wonderful Responses:

Chere said...

Great pictures...the one of Ellie is awesome. Can't wait to read more about your week at camp...

Kathleen said...

Can't wait for more details...and to hear your hubby's final thoughts; his initial reaction was the same as my husband's would have been!

Baloney said...

I'm so glad you are posting these. I've heard about this "kamp" and have been trying to decide if it was a good fit for my family. I know that the regular kids kamp isn't for my oldest.
I look forward to hearing more!