Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quilting Lessons

I don't think it gets any more precious than this: My 97 going-on-98 year old Granny teaching Kami to sew a quilt.

And I mean REALLY teaching her (with a ton more patience than I would have!)

Granny was down in the nitty gritty, fixing the thread and resetting the bobbin. Sitting with her at the sewing machine for 2+ hours, guiding Kami's little hands and thoughts as Kami stitched her miniature quilt squares into bigger blocks.

(As an aside is it an amazing thing that my granny can still see well enough to put that thread through that tiny eye of the needle?
That alone can be maddening at times!)

I was only at Granny's house for a few minutes... I dropped Kami off and called Granny about an hour later to see how the sewing was going.
Me: Hey Granny! How's it going?

Gran: Well, it's going OK. Kamryn is sewing and I'm ripping out.

Me: What?

Gran: Well, when she makes mistakes, and she's going to, I just rip it out for her. It's going to take her some time to get the hang of it. It's certainly not going to help her if I do it for her! She's got to do it herself to learn it.

Me: Thanks for taking the time to help her, Granny!

Gran: Honey, that's all I got anymore is time. Happy to do it!
hours: 2
quilt squares: 10
memories with Great Grandma: absolutely precious

10 Wonderful Responses:

4 Lettre Words said...

Wow!! I just love your "Granny Stories". What an amazing lady!

Kathleen said...

Way to go, Kami! What a special memory for her to have of her grandmother!

♥georgie♥ said...

I agree PRECIOUS memories!

Gov said...

Your grandmother is absolutely the best! I'm glad you realize what a treasure you have in her, and that your kids are spending time with her and learning from her. The pictures, the stories, everything is great. Thanks for sharing her with the rest of us.

Valerie said...

I'm dying here from the cuteness! Any 97-almost-98-year-old that is STILL quilting with the best of 'em is beyond impressive. And teaching your daughter? That is the neatest thing! You know me, I'm loving this quilty post!

Shannon said...

I have a pillow that I quilted with my Grandma for a 4-H project - love that thing- and it still brings back wonderful memories. Grandma had to rip out many of my mistakes too. Keep it up Kami!

momof4kr said...

LOVE your Granny!

This gives me an idear: might see if my Mom will teach Abby to sew instead of doing the class we signed up for (I know how, but you know how it is when a Mom tried to teach a child...not always successful).

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Heather Keith said...

I so wish I could take Raelynn over to Granny's to learn how to sew, Kami is lucky to be able to learn from her!! Can't wait to see how she does!

Anonymous said...

i really can't think of a bigger blessing in your life or hers....that's so precious!!!

ellen said...

What a wonderful memory for both of them! (and I'm jealous...learning to quilt is on my life list)