Monday, June 15, 2009

Kanakuk Family Kamp - Day 3

Well, it was the beginning of day three of our experience at K-Kauai.

We were having fun, BUT I could still see a teeny bit of "I can't believe we still have 5 days left of this" in Tom's eyes. Everytime the staff broke out into a silly, cheesy song, I kind of cringed.

There is one thing Tom has none of, and that is cheese.

We began our day with breakfast at 8:30. And at breakfast, they served a lot of cheese.

If someone has a birthday, the whole staff stands up and dances to this crazy fun song. (below)
Of course, the kids loved it. I thought it was pretty cool myself. It grew on Tom. It really did.

After our session with Mark and Susan Merrill (marriage), we had a little adult free time and then picked the kids up from their activities.

After lunch, we headed down to the "lower fields" for the activities of our choice. Kami, (Ms. I Want To Take On a Challenge) wanted to try the jumping off of brand new 31 foot platform. She has this expression on her face because the water was COLD. They said it was around 47 degrees cold. Would she do it?
Tom climbed the ladder.and jumped!And after a few, long minutes, Kami did it too! Did I do it? Absolutely NOT!!!! I attempted a cannonball off a 3 foot high diving board about 3 years ago and I think it almost killed me. I am almost positive I got a concussion.The celebration picture. On the left is Will Cunningham, the director of K-Kauai. On the right was one of our buddies, Nick.

More water fun! This is the new slide at Hana Bay.Luke rocketing off the slide.Scooter taught Luke a little archery.It didn't take him long to get it!Night 3 was the Rave. We all wore neon; as they said, "If it isn't neon, it should'nt BE ON!" It was a totally fun night! The music, the dancing, the skits; it was all tons of fun. I even noticed Tom tapping his toe a little.
The rave ended with some awesome praise and worship.And finally, Ellie and Clare caught a frog. That pretty much covers it for Day 3!!!

2 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

Annie, I am so happy that your family got to have this wonderful experience. Your pictures are awesome and capture the moment. Mom

Kathleen said...

47 degrees??? Did I read that right? She is one brave little girl; I won't get in my pool unless it's at least 85!! That slide looks like so much FUN!! Was the pool water frigid too?