Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three Words

You've heard the question asked before.

What would your obituary say about you?

Kanakuk family camp gave me something a little different to think about, however.

One night, Will Cunningham, the camp director, told us that his father's gravestone reads three words:

"He was kind."

That got me to thinking about how my life may be defined in one word.

One simple word.

Yes, I am a much more complex being than that.
However, if there was one word from the dictionary to be said about me, what would it be?

Right off the bat, I like "Anne was Kind" too. It has a certain ring to it. But am I that kind of kind? The kind of kind that sees every person through the eyes of Christ, consistently puts self 2nd and is defined by my altruistic spirit towards them. Not quite.

I'd love it to be "Anne was Organized," but after last night's debacle, there's no shot at that. Just suffice it to say that our family had gone to Luke's baseball game at 6:00 that was actually at 7:45, while at the same time, guests were arriving at our house for Luke's birthday party because I had mistakenly sent out the invitation for the wrong day. Nope. Anne is Organized is not going to fly.

Then, I think it could definitely go in the other direction.
I could be described as "Anne was Frustrated," "Anne was Envious," "Anne was Inconsistent" or "Anne was Conflicted." Or if you ask my kids, they may say "Anne was a Raving, Screaming Lunatic." Ok, that is more than one word.

Yikes what if I were
Anne was Hungry
Anne was Eating
Anne was Chocolate

That's a definite possibility.

It's easy for me to figure it out for others....
Katie was Passionate
Ida was Blessed
Chere was Insightful
Linda was Achieving
Ashley was Devoted
Laura was Sunshine
Lori was Simply Wonderful (woops, 2 words there)
Nicole was Crazy (just kidding girl, you know I LOVE you!)

I think I've got a shot at being
Anne was Focused (once I get my mind on something, I can knock it out of the park!)
Anne was Creative (probably one of my favorite things in the world - creativity)
Anne was Emotional (my blessing and my curse)

But seriously, could I qualify for even one fruit of the spirit?
Loving, Joyful, Peaceful, Patient, Gentle, Good, Faithful, Self-Controlled????

It's something to think about. What 3 words describe you?

3 Wonderful Responses:

Shannon said...

I read this yesterday, but it was too deep and insightful for me to comment on a Saturday. I am so grateful you are not organized. There is hope for me out there somewhere - now if only I could find it....: )

I am shooting for Shannon was compassionate, and if I could insert one word it would be actively. I feel God gave me the gift of empathy, but so often I sit in my chair crying my tears for other, but don't always do anything about it. I'd like to change that.

Great post.

Kathleen said...

What a great post to make you think...and I enjoyed your tale of Organized! :)

I couldn't at this point choose one positive word to describe me; it would always be followed by an explanation: Kathleen is Gentle...except when her kids drive her insane. Kathleen is Patient...except when she's running late and the kids can't find their shoes because they didn't put them where they were supposed to. Etc., etc.

I pray God grants me some more time on earth to work toward becoming more like Him in these areas, so that by the end, I really, truly would earn one of those words after my name.

Anonymous said...

i like this bout "annie was amazing"!!!