Monday, June 15, 2009

Kanakuk Family Kamp - Day 4

Let me tell you a little about how our days went at K-Kauai.
Here is the schedule for Day 4 that was given to us when we checked in:

6:30 Muscle Beach open (for those who wanted to get up early and workout. I wasn't among them. It is also the location of the very few TVs on the island)

7:30 Bamboo Bean open (the Bamboo Bean was the oh so hip snack shop with coffees and smoothies and treats and board games. We never made it this early.)

8:30 Breakfast in Hale Olina (the dining hall) and by the way, this isn't your typical camp food. Oh no. Let's just say I didn't skip a meal! Yummy!

9:30 Drop kids off at Low Tide (morning activities)

9:40 Adults Only - Worship and Speaker (again, the Merrills spoke. They talked about parenting which was my favorite topic of the week. I need all the help I can get!)

11:00 Adults Only - Break

12:15 Pick up kids at Jungle Dome

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Pool, Bean and Jumping Pillow open
Naptime for kids 0-2 in the Ala Moana (child care)

2:15 High Tide - afternoon activities with family
Hana Bay - upper pool open
Sunset Cove - lower waterpark open (lazy river and water slides!)
Arts and Crafts
BB Guns
Reservations only for Diamond Head (ropes course) and Pontoon Boats on Lake Taneycomo

5:00 High Tide Ends

6:00 Dinner

This particular day was Parent's Night Out. Kids had dinner with their friends/counselors and the parents all had a candlelight dinner with kabobs and shrimp and good company. Afterwards, they took parents to Branson Landing for a little night out. This was the only evening we spent away from the kids. I enjoyed it, but glad it was just one night. We always had so much fun with the kids and the crazy activities they planned for us.

9:30 Pick kids up

After that, we usually played a late night game of miniature golf, visited the Bean, or if you were Ellie, you caught frogs with your friends.

There was no official "lights out" time, but we usually hit the sack by about 10:30.

I fell off of my picture taking duty, at least as far as our daily activities were concerned. Apparently, however, I thought it was a good day to take pictures of the scenery. So enjoy the beauty of the "island."

4 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

Your night out sounds splendid! What a fun schedule! I can't stop using that word--fun--in my comments; I just know this is going to be a week to always remember!!

Baloney said...

I love Branson Landing! It does sound a little out of place with the other events, though.
What kind of things were they doing with the kids while the grown ups were away?

momof4kr said...

I've been meaning to past for a few days now...FAMILY CAMP sounds INCREDIBLE!!
Not sure I could get my Ritz Carlton kind of hubs on board, but hopefully one day!
Thanks for sharing such wonder...

momof4kr said...

Oops...meant to say "post" not "past" LOL
Haven't had my coffee yet! :)