Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kanakuk Family Kamp - Day 7

Day 7 consisted of a breakfast farewell, during which we watched our cool Term 2 video and after which we took about a thousand, cheesy pictures.

But this is the only photo I am going to post for the last day.

Because THIS is what changed Tom's mind.
Well, maybe it had something to do with the amazing-zipline-cool-ropes-course-good-food-airconditioned-rooms-amazing-beauty-sports-oriented place we were in.

But on the drive home... I asked him... what did it for you? What "converted" you, so to speak? Because though on day 2, I still saw shades of skepticism, by day 4, I could see that not only had that vanished, but it was a replaced by a genuine enjoyment and engagement in these places and these people.

His answer? I want my kids to be like those kids.

Even though he may not tell you this (he is the strong, silent type), I will tell you that Tom developed more connections and relationships than I did! As we were walking out, it was Tom giving hugs and high fives way more me. He saw in those Kanakuk counselors and staff qualities that he admired, and respected and their interest in serving the families at K-Kauai was fantastic and unique.

The picture only serves to drive home his point.

Would we do it again? Absolutely. Just wish you could go with us next time!

3 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

Oh, it sounds like such an awesome experience!! Wish we could go next time with you too!!

blessedwkids said...

Kanakuk Family Kamp sounds AWESOME! We love Kanakuk. Your daily reports were great. I almost felt like I was there.

Shannon said...

I know you commented about my island being better than your "island" - but I have my doubts! Looks like you had an awesome time! We may have to check that out. I may be bugging you for some info down the road. Precious pic of Luke...