Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kanakuk Family Kamp - Day 5

Wow. Day 5 is here. And we are up early (6 AM!) for the Hillbilly Lobster Hunt. This was BY OUR CHOICE though!

Let me explain: K-Kauai schedules two excursions for each family. You get to pick what your family would like to do. We actually got three excursions. One was Diamond Head on Day 2. Two was the Hillbilly Lobster Hunt on Day 5. The third, also on Day 5, was skiing and tubing on the lake!

But first, see what we saw early that morning. Here are our "native" tourguides who took us over to hunt crawdads.
Kami caught a crawdad!And back on the campgrounds were the hillbillies who fixed us an amazing country breakfast. They were a lot of fun. The hillbilly on the left is actually the director of the camp, Will Cunningham!Going out on the lake as a family was glorious fun!Tom said he hadn't skied in years, but he looks pretty studly to me! Alex was our boat driver. We were in good hands!What a goober!!! :-) He takes after me.Later that night, we had the Gospel Walk. This was a more serious night, not as wild, but definitely one of my favorites. Ellie with yet another person who she's bonded with... getting ready to start our walk around the property with several other families.We had a "peek" into the life of 4 other families as presented by the Kanakuk staff. They represented common attitudes and actions that are accepted as "normal," but go against God's way. This was a young girl who had an attitude with her mom.And a family of four driving to church with squabbling and frustration. That one was pretty apropos!After each skit came the silent message in the form of a poster. Simple yet strong messages. Afterwards, Will gave a message. It was geared to audiences from 2 to 102, and he talked about how Jesus is your life jacket. When you jump into a river, if your lifejacket is in the boat, it will not help you. You must put it on and let it protect you.Nick sat with us as we enjoyed the message, the praise and worship and the army of lightning bugs that sparkled in our presence.The ending of the day was perfect for Luke as his final act was a late night miniature golf game with Dad!

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Kathleen said...

FUN!! That's the only word I can use because what TRUE, genuine FUN!! :) Looks like the Bible study time was very meaningful too!

Baloney said...

I'm loving this. :)