Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kanakuk Family Kamp - Day 2

Day 2 at K-Kauai found us excited but a bit wary. We had a SCHEDULE in front of us. Every part of our day was programmed. And there was some kind of pirate party going on in the evening. Hmmmm.
One thing the kids enjoyed right off the bat were the colorful hammocks all over the camp. After listening to our speakers, Mark and Susan Merrill of, talk about marriage for about an hour, we went off to an "adult only" activity, monster golf. This is a famous golfer (he won the Master's twice!) playing monster golf. He and his family were at camp with us all week and in my eyes, radiate the love of Christ!
This is the jumping pillow. Never seen one like it, but it was a lot of fun for kids AND adults. (See Tom jumping?)The cool sand on the side of the jumping pillow.
On the first night, we met Scooter at dinner. Every meal, a staff member asks to sit with your family and eat with you. This was one of our favorite things, and Scooter was one of our favorite Kanakuk people! His job was to run Diamond Head, the awesome ropes course. Here we are all cinched up with our harnesses and other gear. Can you tell I am barely breathing?
Diamond Head looks over Lake Taneycomo. Ellie and Luke noticed."Smuggler's Cove" was our first themed night. The kids ate it up!..but guess how long Tom wore his pirate wig/hat. Just long enough to take this picture. Ellie and her friend Molly look cute in matching bandanas.Here is one of the "real" pirates who led the evening activites which was a treasure hunt around the "island" for gold. We had to complete and complete certain activities for gold coins.One of the challenges was to go down the zipline and drop a tennis ball in a row boat. They called it "Bombs Away" and we had a blast trying it, even though none of us hit the mark.Away they go, down the zip line!!!! Day 2 is through. Tune in tomorrow for Day 3!

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Kathleen said...

How FUN!!! The jumping pillow and zipline look awesome!! Such great pictures, as usual, Annie!!