Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kanakuk Family Kamp - Day 6

This was one of the highlights of the week. At breakfast, a congo line of kitchen staff comes out singing this crazy song about "Magic Orange Juice." The girl in front is holding a tray with a coconut in the middle. Then the counselors stand up one by one and say these hilarious things like "One time I drank magic orange juice, and you know what happened? I got into a staring contest with the statue of liberty and I WON!!!" Needless to say, Luke and other kids his age were WIDE EYED at the hilarious tales they were telling. Here comes the fun part. They announced that one person would be able to drink magic orange juice if he or she had a sticky note under their chair. Guess where it was? Under Luke's chair! So he got the coconut full of yummy magic orange juice, and got to stand up on stage while everyone sang and clapped. This picture is a recreation; I didn't take my camera to breakfast on Day 6. Darn! The funny part is that a big rain came through that morning. A hard pounding rain with lots of wind. Later, after the rain had cleared, one of the counselors asked Luke, "Hey Luke, what did magic orange juice help you do?" "STOP the RAIN!" he responded without missing a beat. Everyone got a good laugh out of that.

Ahhh.... just as we are getting comfortable and have found our groove, the week is winding down. This is our final full day at the K-Kauai, and it began with praise and worship at The Reef. Praise and Worship time is one of my very favorite parts of the week!Kami sat by her sweet friend Kristina.And Luke and Molly became great friends the last couple of days!
But the challenges were not over! It was free day, so we rushed over to Diamond Head for one last shot at the ropes.
Kami climbed the ladder to the platform and took a flying jump at the trapeze (see the tiny white matchstick looking thing?) She didn't catch it, but I was proud she tried!
The game room became big for the kids towards the end of the week. Whereas at the beginning of the week, we kind of accompanied the kids everywhere, by this time, they felt comfortable going by themselves. We may join them later or pick them up on the way to dinner.
Day 6 was school color day. Here you see a mix of the Blue and Gold and Maroon and Black.
They called Night 6 Maui-Kablowie; it was a full night of Olympic activities deejayed by some of the funniest guys there. We had a blast competing in all the activities.
This could be the worst picture I've ever taken, but I had to include it because you can see the grand finale activity that Tom participated in... down a P, B and J covered with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and then swim a lap around the lazy river. Tom is on the left. The guy he beat is on the right.
The crowd reacts as Tom beats his competitors!!!! (with a Christian spirit, of course...)

Wow, we can't believe that tomorrow we are driving back home. We all stay out late and visit. We won't be sad until tomorrow.

3 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

How absolutely FUN that Luke got to be a star!!

4 Lettre Words said..., that is fun stuff! The thought of an orange juice song makes me laugh!

And, way to go Muscle Man...I mean, Tom! :o)

Audra Krell said...

Great post and I love the pics!!1 Kanakuk has such a special place in my heart. My now 13 year old "rang the bell" when he was 7, accepting Jesus into his heart forever. I'm tearing up as I write this.....thanks for bringing back the fun memories!